Professional Advice for Writing a College Research Paper Part 2

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I want you to jot down all your thoughts and these don’t have to be incomplete sentences in fact I like to write exactly what is going on in my mind down even if it sounds like I’m rambling or it doesn’t make sense completely just so that I can get as much thought written down on paper as possible I find that if you try to edit your thoughts as you’re drowning them down oftentimes you’ll miss the whole point of you’re trying to say at the expense of trying to make it sound good so you can always edit later but for now just jot down everything that you want to say and then before you know it you have all the pieces of your paper right in front of you and you just have to put them into coherent sentences and paragraphs.

Before you have your final paper sub number five now that you have everything you need to write your research paper without internet or without outside resources crank out that paper using only the outline that you’ve made and your notes this should be the least time consuming part.

Step number six proofread and edit your paper. We’re going to read your paper or as if you’re going to be published my best way of doing this is to read everything I write out loud it really helps to slow down because when you’re reading in your mind you can easily miss mistakes just by reading because you already know you’re writing so you tend to read it faster because you know the context but if you read it out loud then you’re forced to slow down and to catch all the mistakes if it doesn’t sound right and as you’re reading your paper out loud and editing it.

You want to make sure that every single sentence adds value whether or not there is a page limit to your paper and also you should use the to be verbs so is BR any of that and also adjectives. I mean adjectives as little as possible in academic writing and I definitely mean that last tip so take that seriously make sure to look through your paper to have as few to be verbs as possible because you want to express yourself as a good writer through using verbs and adverbs rather than through the to be verb and through adjectives sounds like you’re trying too hard they’re very Elementary and they’re definitely not for academic writing.